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Artist & Concept


    "I have always wanted to be an artist. From a very young age I was interested in drawing and later, in fine arts, in materials, sculpture and especially in concepts. I had the feeling that thanks to art, everything became possible and that I would never have the impression of "working" in my life. To live daily from one's passion is something rare and beautiful. Even today I am fascinated by the infinite potential that artistic creation can have on ourselves, our emotions and our thoughts.


    After graduating from art school, I worked as a stylist and graphic designer and finally, thanks to these experiences, I became a teacher in art school and developed my career as an artist. All these jobs allowed me to develop my skills and techniques. Today, in my artistic work, we find silk-screen printing, computer graphics, photography, molding, inclusion in resin, etc. I have kept a child's soul and this can be felt in my work where many of my works are directly inspired by the pop culture of the 80s. 


    What influences my work, and certainly differentiates me from other artists, is the fact that I draw inspiration directly from the different jobs I have done and still do. A lot of aspects in my way of working, whether it is for the management of my career or even directly in the conception or the realization of the works themselves for example, come from my various professional experiences. Fashion, graphic design, etc. Being today in charge of the arts in a higher art school, I also learn a lot from my students and these permanent artistic exchanges enrich me. All these professional experiences have shaped me and my way of working.


    I am directly inspired by pop art and pop culture of the 80s. I work a lot on the characters and personalities that marked my childhood and that of many people. Often the objects and figurines included in the resin are the same ones I played with as a child. I also approach more recent subjects, even of current events, but always in a pop and retro trend. 


    What I try to evoke in the viewer is the same thing I feel when I produce my work, that is to say a positive nostalgia, a kind of wonder and a desire to touch the object, like a child who sees a toy. I also want to make a visual impression. For example, my works are signed, not with my name, but with my imprint.


   To realize my works, I use serigraphy, resin, molding and computer graphics. I like to mix media and materials to compose something unique and identifiable."


Interview of Vincent VeSus Sabatier for the magazine Art Majeur April 2022



Commissioned by the city of Montpellier as part of the artistic event "Coeur de Ville en Lumières", the giant Legodisco illuminated the square of Notre Dame des Tables and the hearts of the spectators, for a weekend, allowing them to rediscover their childhood and teenage soul.